Write About It
Use a piece of paper to answer the questions below about your making arrays activity.

  1. Describe how the items are arranged in an array. What counting pattern is shown by your array? How can this pattern be used to find the total number of items in your array?
  2. What is the total number of items in your array? Show how you can use addition to find out. Show how you can use multiplication to find out.
  3. Write a multiplication sentence to go with your array. Describe how the columns and rows are used to find the parts of a multiplication sentence.
  4. What type of problem can be solved using an array? Write a problem that could be solved using the array you made.
  5. Write the fact family shown by the array you made. Explain how the facts are related.

Follow the directions given for each activity shown below.

  1. Work with a partner. Use paper and markers to make an array. Have your partner write a repeated addition sentence and a multiplication sentence that describes the array. Repeat the activity several times.
  2. You will need counters, grid paper, colored pencils, and a pair of number cubes to complete this activity. Roll the number cubes and add the two numbers together. Then use that number to make as many arrays as possible using counters. Record your arrays on grid paper.